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Atlanta to Nashville…

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It’s a route many take, whether for a visit or more permanently,  including me, in a surreptitious way.  After all, it’s a pretty easy 3.5 hour drive involving just two interstates (I75 and I24).  That’s assuming no major accidents – which can and have lengthened the trip to a grueling 7 hours, or troubles on the “mountain”, aka Monteagle, TN.  It’s also the route two wonderful and very different talented artists took to perform in a showcase at the iconic 12th and Porter on May 2nd.  And yes, there is more than enough talent residing in Nashville to fill every club every night, but the mecca known as Music City throws its allure far and wide, so for those who can get a gig here and make it on the cheap, it’s not only doable, it’s a must do.

Amy Gerhartz

Amy Gerhartz lists her styles as Acoustic, Folk and Pop Rock.  She performed with just her guitar for the terrific set I was fortunate enough to witness, though she also excels on the piano.  Amy has a distinct style; bringing depth and lightness to her songs and show, as witnessed by the song below:

She’s opened up for Jason Mraz, Zac Brown, Angie Aparo, Better Than Ezra, and Michael Tolcher, played with members of the Pat Magee Band, the Corey Smith Band and the Dave Barnes Band, and has performed on The Rock Boat and The Mayercraft Carrier, a Sister Hazel and John Mayer sponsored cruise.

If you’re a fan of this genre, and really, who wouldn’t be, I would suggest buying her EP’s here.

Here’s Riley!


The headliner for the evening was the blossoming Riley Biederer.  Riley is a 17 year old dynamo who has potential for serious stardom.  Here’s a blurb about Riley from her website:

Riley is a singer/songwriter from Atlanta, with a voice bigger than her ex-gymnast’s frame and a resume beyond her sixteen years.  Since winning Georgia state titles in the vault and the floor exercise, she has been focusing exclusively on her music.  In addition to writing prodigiously on her own, she has collaborated with a host of well-known songwriters in the pop, rock and country genres, and recorded with producer/engineer Matt Still.  (Elton John, Outkast).   Signed in Dec 2011 at Elton John’s direction to international music management company Rocket Music, (Elton John, James Blunt, Lily Allen, Ed Sheeran).  Riley is the youngest Rocket Music artist at age 16.

Riley and her newly minted band unleashed her original material on the very eager crowd in the 12th and Porter lounge, with almost unanimous agreement that there is more to this pop tart than meets the eye.  She brings a bit of an attitude not usually available to someone of her age, and her presence on the stage is riveting.  Here’s a glimpse of her talent in a cover of a Rhianna song from her YouTube channel:

You can order her freshly minted single right here.

There’s no doubt both these terrifically talented young women will be back whether in a club or, in the case of Riley, quite possibly Bridgestone Arena.  In the meantime, if you have the opportunity to see either, take it, enjoy it and say hello from the folks here in the Central Time Zone.


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